Plush Soft to Touch Carpeting

Because comfort is a primary factor when choosing carpet as a floor covering, soft to the touch carpets are becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes known as “plush” carpet, their exceptional softness provides more comfort and enjoyment in a variety of rooms for the home.


  • Luxurious feel
  • Exceptional softness, consistent appearance
  • Smooth, soft plush look 
  • Very comfortable underfoot 
  • High quality and extremely durable
  • Appealing choice for a variety of rooms

Smart Strand Silk

Comfort is a primary factor when choosing a carpet as a floor covering. Karastan’s luxuriously soft SmartStrand• Silk™ with exceptional durability unlocks a new level of comfort with its deluxe softness providing more comfort and more home enjoyment. Rated #1 in customer satisfaction. 


  • Built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance
  • Protection that never wears or washes off  
  • Proven durability that withstands life’s challenges
  • Easy to clean with just water
  • Environmentally friendly because it’s made in part from renewable resources